KBase Performance Metric Report 2017
Dec 20, 2017

KBase Performance Metric Report 2017

Every year BER’s Biological Systems Science Division (BSSD) asks a program to provide detailed reports related to the mission of the program. In 2017, KBase was chosen, and the full submitted report can be found here: https://www.kbase.us/performance-metric-report-2017/

BER program reports: https://genomicscience.energy.gov/metrics/index.shtml

Ellen Dow
Ellen Dow
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Ellen G. Dow, Ph.D. is a member of the outreach, communications, and user development team. Inspired by involvement in science outreach throughout graduate school, she left the bench to gain experience in informal education and cultivate community engagement from the general public to science sectors. A molecular biologist by training, Ellen applies her research experience to support scientists and develop resources for the KBase community.

Elisha Wood-Charlson
Elisha Wood-Charlson | Engagement Lead
Lawrence Berkelely National Laboratory

Elisha M Wood-Charlson is KBase’s User Engagement Lead. She has a PhD and 10+ years of experience as a microbial ecologist focused on host-microbe-virus interactions in the marine environment. Since leaving the research bench, she has moved into the realm of scientific community engagement, with the goal of making microbiome data science more efficient through effective collaboration, building trust in online communities, and developing shared ownership throughout the scientific process.

Data center network maintenance 1/22-1/23

Update Jan 19: we have been told that different network maintenance will be performed over the weekend of January 22-23.  We have not been told an exact time, nor whether there will be an outage, nor a duration of any possible outages.  We will continue to post updates if we get them.

Our data center will be performing network maintenance on Monday, January 24, 2022.  This outage should last approximately 10 minutes, and will cause disruption to narrative.kbase.us, appdev.kbase.us, and possibly compute jobs.  We have not yet been notified of a specific time, if we are told a time we will update this message.

Holiday reduced support

The KBase helpdesk will have limited or no staff during the last two weeks of the year (Dec. 20-Jan. 1). There will be delays in responding to tickets.