Information for developers

Information for developers

The KBase Software Development Kit (SDK) allows third-party developers to wrap open source tools into KBase as Apps. KBase users can then run these Apps on their own data in a reproducible workflow and cite the use of these tools in their published Narrative.

Getting started is simple

Getting started is simple


You need a user account to be able to access KBase’s user interfaces.


Nearly all KBase software is publicly available through GitHub. You may reuse KBase code under the terms of our open source license.


Learn to use the KBase SDK to begin crafting your tools to add to the KBase App Catalog.


If you want to develop apps using SDK, please apply for a KBase developer account using KBase Account Management System.

Note: If you are a US citizen, your account can be created within a few days. For foreign nationals, it may take several weeks (and, in a few cases, you may not be able to get a developer account). Non-US citizens will be asked for additional information in order to process their application.
Software Development Kit
Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit

The KBase SDK offers members of the KBase community a mechanism to add open-source, open-license* analysis tools to KBase so that they run on KBase’s computational architecture and are available through the KBase Narrative Interface. Community developers can even write new tools that take advantage of the KBase Structured Data Types and large KBase Reference Data Resources. Check which tools have already been made available in our App Catalog and add your own!

*As defined by OSI at
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