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Connect with the KBase community

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Hosted by Ellen Dow

Interested in using KBase to teach bioinformatics and computational biology? This webinar will introduce KBase users and educators to conceptual workflows and features that make KBase a valuable education tool.…

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Nov 04, 2020
Looking for viruses in your microbiome data? KBase has new Apps to identify and analyze viral sequences in your assemblies. Join…
Sep 30, 2020
Learn the basics of using KBase and find out how it can help your research. This webinar will introduce users…
Aug 19, 2020
In this webinar, we examine two ways that KBase users can use their work in KBase to advance scientific discovery.…
Jul 27, 2020
Sign-on, and get a ringside seat to some of the world’s best plant science research, often facilitated by cutting-edge technologies.…
KBase community highlights

KBase community highlights

KBase users drive great scientific discovery. Here are some examples of cutting-edge research done by our KBase community.

KBase Organizations KBase Organizations

KBase Organizations

Groups in KBase (known as Organizations) allow colleagues to share Narratives and data between users working on a single project or across whole institutions. Members of an organization can see each other’s Narratives and be notified when members of an organization add data or analyses to the system. This allows you to manage, track, and maintain your project’s resources on KBase.

KBase Educators
Hosted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Connecting the community of educators who use KBase in the classroom to allow them to share Narratives, teaching materials, and more.

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Help us improve the KBase experience

Help us improve the KBase experience

We’re continually working to make KBase a more robust and powerful tool for the Systems Biology community. If you’re interested in helping improve the platform, sign up to test new KBase Apps and features before they are released.

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