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Sep 21, 2022

This webinar will demonstrate using KBase to identify and characterize gene features in bacterial genomes. Attendees will learn how to construct feature sets in KBase, build and trim multiple sequence…

Sep 07, 2022

This webinar will walk you through the process of uploading and operating on Samples in KBase. The webinar will show the process of formatting Sample metadata, importing it into KBase,…

Aug 24, 2022

This webinar will demonstrate using KBase to draft and improve isolate bacterial genomes. Learn how to import data into KBase, perform quality control on sequencing reads, construct and improve a…

Aug 03, 2022

Join the KBase Educators Community for our ‘Fall Orientation.’ This community-based call’s agenda will include an introduction to educator and resources, opportunity to meet the community, and allow members to…

May 03, 2022

Come say hello to KBase at the upcoming Joint Berkeley Initiative for Microbiome Sciences (JBIMS) Spring Symposium on the University of California – Berkeley campus. This project is a…

Mar 30, 2022

Join KBase on Wednesday, March 30 at 1pm ET / 10am PT  as we demonstrate the new Bulk Import features and work with our users to import their…

Feb 16, 2022
Take your research further with KBase’s unique publishing features. Creating a Static Narrative takes…
Feb 02, 2022

Learn the basics of KBase and best practices for your research. This webinar introduces the fundamentals of the KBase platform, including data upload, using the Narrative interface, running apps, and…

Jan 26, 2022

Join the Bay Area Bioinformatics Meetup to learn how the free, open source U.S. Department of Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase (KBase,…

KBase Educators

KBase Educators

Teaching with KBase? Join the KBase Educators Community to learn how the Narrative can be adapted to your curriculum. 

KBase Organizations KBase Organizations

KBase Organizations

Groups in KBase (known as Organizations) allow colleagues to share Narratives and data between users working on a single project or across whole institutions. Members of an organization can see each other’s Narratives and be notified when members of an organization add data or analyses to the system. This allows you to manage, track, and maintain your project’s resources on KBase.

Multiscale Microbial Dynamics Modeling Summer School
Hosted by Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Learn from world-class researchers how to use microbial metagenomic and environmental metabolite data from diverse watersheds. 

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Help us improve the KBase experience

Help us improve the KBase experience

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    System Maintenance Oct 6

    We will be performing system maintenance on Thursday, October 6, from 1-4pm PDT (3-6pm CDT).  Submitting and already running compute jobs for both and may be interrupted or nonfunctional for this time period.