KBase Code of Conduct

The U.S. Department of Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase (KBase) mission is to be an open-source analysis platform that enables discovery and knowledge creation to build a stronger, more collaborative research community.


In order to carry out our mission, we have established a KBase code of conduct that embodies our commitment to creating a welcoming, open, and supportive environment for collaboration. We adhere to these guidelines as a team, and in our relationships with external collaborators and the user community. If you have any questions or concerns with the following document, please email KBase at engage [at] kbase.us.


KBase is dedicated to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for scientific collaboration that is free from harassment of any sort, including verbal and written language and imagery, targeting an individual or group of individuals. Anyone receiving or witnessing harassment, or concerned about potentially harassing behavior should feel confident to speak up and report all violations immediately to engage [at] kbase.us.


KBase and our collaborators agree to:

  • Maintain a welcoming and supportive environment that allows for diverse perspectives to be shared with the goal of supporting new ideas and novel solutions to current challenges.
  • Acknowledge that discussions around current challenges are to be constructive, forward-looking, and solution-oriented.
  • Be mindful and respectful of research goals—in the collaborative spirit of KBase, content and ideas should only be shared with permission.
  • Emulate the open, transparent, and collaborative nature of the KBase platform.


KBase strives to:

  • Build supportive teams where members feel able to explore the fringe of what is thought possible in science and technology. We celebrate all wins, big or small, while also understanding that if you never fail, you aren’t thinking big enough. As a team, we learn, adapt, and move forward together.
  • Create and maintain a culture of mutual respect. Communication is open, honest, transparent, and always with positive intent. We acknowledge that our actions have the potential to positively, or negatively, impact the shared vision of the project and the productivity and motivation of our fellow team members.
  • Demonstrate trust and accountability, both internally and to our external partners, by communicating with management any new opportunities, proposed changes, or issues/delays on a project in a timely manner so management can assist in the decision, planning, and/or resolution process.
  • Enable the professional growth and career advancement of team members and collaborators by working to best align project goals with individual goals. This supports commitment to the shared vision, while also providing opportunity and resources for professional development and promotion.
  • Provide the best possible collaborative experience to our partners, users and ourselves.


We encourage KBase partners, collaborators, users, and team members to represent KBase at conferences, invited speaking events, meetings, etc.

As a KBase representative:

  • Please contact the KBase outreach team at engage [at] kbase.us. so we can provide customized presentation materials, including key messaging, logos, slides, etc., and promote your event through social media.
  • Please be mindful of timelines and provide at least 5 business days’ notice.


Email engage [at] kbase.us to report violations. If you need to contact an individual, contact Elisha Wood-Charlson (User Engagement Lead at LBNL; elishawc [at] lbl.gov) or Meghan Drake (Technical Project Manager at ORNL; drakemm [at] ornl.gov).