Jun 4, 2024

Introducing Collections for Data Exploration

KBase is excited to debut a new feature for exploring data called Collections. Collections are curated datasets that allow researchers to search for genomes by similarity and select data of interest to analyze in their Narratives. You can browse genomes and samples, identify matches to your genomes, and copy the data into your Narratives within the Collections interface. Search through Collections by sequence similarity or with GTDB taxonomy terms to identify hits closest to your genomes. Additionally, you can explore the functional characteristics of each Collection with ecological traits from Microtrait within the interface.

With this initial beta release, we are presenting four Collections for users to explore:

Beta Testing

Collections is a new, beta release feature that’s unique to the KBase platform and you can help us improve it by submitting any issues or queries to our Help Board. While we are not yet enabling users to build and release their own Collections at this time, we encourage you to let us know of any reference datasets that you would like to explore in the future. Reach out to us at engage@kbase.us with any suggestions or inquiries about Collections.