KBase production environment down Oct.18 12pm Pacific Time until Oct. 20 12pm Pacific
Oct 7, 2020

KBase System Outage October 18-20 (2020)

KBase production services including narrative.kbase.usappdev.kbase.us will be unavailable beginning Sunday October 18th 2020 at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern to accommodate power maintenance at our primary production data center. We anticipate services to be restored on Tuesday October 20th 2020 at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern. Any applications (such as long running assemblies) that are still running at 12pm Sunday October 18 will be cancelled, and will need to be restarted by users after Tuesday 12pm October 20. There are no provisions to save partially completed application runs, so any work that is only partially completed will be lost.
We recommend that users avoid submitting any long running jobs several days in advance to avoid tying up systems only to have all the computation lost during the shutdown.