Jan 15, 2021

Migration to new data backend

In late January-early March 2021, we will be moving our data backend to a new system.  This migration is essential for KBase because our current storage is not expandable, so we need to migrate to a new storage system to which we can add storage as needed.

The migration will be done in two steps, resulting in noticeable and disruptive outages, in order to ensure that we can migrate recent data to the new storage system and maintain consistency.  We have tested our migration processes and believe that no data will be left behind through the migration, but if at any point after the migration you notice missing data that you had before, please contact us.

The first step of the migration was completed on Thursday January 21, 2021.  The second step was completed on Thursday, March 4, 2021.  We did have some issues that were reported on Monday, March 8, but we believe that we have resolved those issues.

If you have general questions about our migration process, please contact us at engage@kbase.us.  If you find missing data after either step of the migration, please submit a help request at https://kbase-jira.atlassian.net/ .

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