Mar 14, 2022

New Feature: Bulk Data Importer

We’re proud to launch one of our most requested features: bulk data import!

KBase users can now import multiple files of various data types using the new Bulk Importer. You can upload dozens of genomes, reads, and other KBase data types to distribute across your Narratives and Organizations. After dragging and dropping your files into the Staging Area, select all the files you wish to add into your Narrative, and a bulk importer cell will appear in the Narrative where you can name files and adjust any relevant parameters. Click the Run button and import jobs will spin up for each of your files. You can monitor the status of all the bulk import jobs from the cell, and even cancel or restart specific jobs without disrupting the others.


Bulk import currently supports the following data types: SRA reads, FASTQ reads, FASTA assemblies, GenBank genomes, and GFF/FASTA metagenomes. We are working to make bulk import compatible with all of our data types. This is the first release, but you can expect upgrades and expanded compatibility as we continue development. This is a new feature in KBase, so if you run into any issues, please report them to the Help Board. Learn more about Bulk Import in our documentation or see the update to our YouTube tutorials.

On Wednesday, March 30 at 1pm ET, KBase hosted a webinar to both demonstrate Bulk Import and work with our users to import their data.

Watch the recorded webinar on YouTube here:

About the Authors

Ben Allen
Ben Allen

Ben Allen coordinates outreach and user development activities to build the KBase user community while engaging in scientific collaborations to advance the use of the platform. His background in biochemistry and science education helps him develop protocols and training materials that provide depth while being accessible to a wide audience. Research interests include systems biology, microbial ecology, bioremediation studies, and biology education.