PAG 2023 Workshops

In preparation for those planning to attend KBase related workshops at PAG, we recommend first creating a free KBase account so you can use the system. This short KBase Quick Start video demonstrates how-to along with a very brief introduction to the platform or follow the step-by-step sign up guide

KBase for Plant Science

Lead: Priya Ranjan

Location: Palm 3-4

Date: Friday, Jan 13 10:30 AM

In person – KBase enables users to analyze, share, and collaborate using data and tools designed to help build increasingly realistic models of biological systems and function in plants and their microbiome. This presentation will include a brief introduction for those new to KBase, and then cover a mix of analyses involving differential gene expression analysis, reconstruction of plant metabolism from a genome and examining the expression data within metabolic subsystems in a reproducible point-and-click narrative user interface.

Workshop Links & Resources:

Question & Answer document

BER Plant Genomic Science

Lead: Jeremy Schmutz and Bob Cottingham

Location: Palm 3-4

Date: Monday, Jan 16 6:20 PM

In person – The Department of Energy Biological and Environmental Research (DOE-BER) currently funds both a large scale user facility for plant genomics at the DOE Joint Genome Institute and a large scale computational resource for comparative functional genomics and systems biology of microbes, plants and their communities called the DOE Systems Biology Knowledgebase (KBase). The core mission of both of these endeavors is to help scientists carry out experiments and analyses in areas such as improving biofuel development, understanding plant model systems, advancing plant comparative science and investigating global carbon cycling. In this workshop, we will present current and ongoing developments at the JGI and KBase toward integrative biology and hear from researchers who are applying genomic sequence information to BER funded activities of plant systems. We will describe how to apply for a project with the JGI Community Science Program and how you can use the KBase system to accelerate your plant genomics research.

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