Plant Microbe Interfaces SFA

Exploring host-microbe relationships across temporal scales to understand selection and performance of the biological partners.

The Plant Microbe Interfaces (PMI) Science Focus Area (SFA) studies the dynamic interface between plants, their microbiome, and the environment. These interactions determine how plants detect and respond to changing conditions, with the goal of understanding how symbiotic relationships adapt to climate change, influence nutrient cycling and sequestration, and the possible management of these systems as renewal energy sources.

Collaborative Development Projects

Starting Fall 2021Design and Omics Exploration of Synthetic Microbial Communities

Additional Information

Meet the Members

SFA Manager and Principal Investigator: Mitchel J. Doktycz1
SFA co-PIs: Dale A. Pelletier1, Timothy J. Tschaplinski1
KBase Contact: Priya Ranjan1, 2
Lead Developers: Alexis Marsh3, Priya Ranjan1, 2
Project Team: Paul E. Abraham1, Jia Wang1, David J. Weston1
Affiliations: 1Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 2KBase, 3Iowa State University